Tae Kwon Do is usually translated as:

  • Tae - to strike with the foot 
  • Kwon - to strike with the hand
  • Do - a way of life, a path

The three icons on the bottom of this wiki's logo are intended to represent the same concepts:

  • Tae - Kicking - a yellow stylized kick, reminiscent of the stylized kicks often seen in WTF-style logos. The stylized kick is also intended to look like a capital T (for taekwondo).
  • Kwon - Striking - a red stylized fist, reminiscent of the stylized fists often seen in modern ITF-style logos. (In draft versions of the logo I tried to figure out how to incorporate a capital K into the fist, but I couldn't think of a way that looked nice.)
  • Do - a negative-space representation of the Taegeuk (against a blue background), normally seen as a Red/Blue "yin/yang" symbol on the Korean flag

The incorporation of both WTF- and ITF-style symbology is intentional, in order to represent the style-agnostic nature of this wiki.

The colors of the logo are intended to correspond to the Yellow / Red / Blue colors normally seen in the Sam Taegeuk. The Taegeuk and the Sam Taegeuk are often referenced in discussion of Taekwondo Philosophy. So in one way or another this logo has it all: the Taegeuk, the Sam Taegeuk, Kicking, Striking, an ITF touchpoint, and a WTF touchpoint.

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