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Taekwondo 2D - Supported Downward Block ( 거들어 내려막기 kodureo naeryeo makgi )02:48

Taekwondo 2D - Supported Downward Block ( 거들어 내려막기 kodureo naeryeo makgi )

Supported Low Block from Taekwondo Preschool

An Augmented Low Block (also called a Supported Low Block, Supported Downward Block, or 거들어 내려막기 kodureo naeryeo makgi) is simply a Low Block where the off-hand is "augmenting" the block; as with most "augmented" blocks this simply means the off-hand fist (i.e., the assisting hand) is held in front of the torso during the block. The fist is held palm-side up, just below the solar plexus.

The Augmented Low Block appears, for example, in the forms Taegeuk Pal Jang and Cheonkwon. In Cheonkwon, the assisting hand slaps the blocking arm as the blocking arm travels downward.

As with most blocks, this block can also be performed with knifehands rather than fists. See: Low Double Knifehand Block.

Augmented low block chamber

The blocking hand is chambered palm-up at the collar, the supporting arm is chambered out to the side with the palm facing away from the body.

Related Techniques Edit

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