How to Do Back Kick & Jump Back Kick Taekwondo Training02:46

How to Do Back Kick & Jump Back Kick Taekwondo Training

How to do Back kick BlackBelt Secrets02:53

How to do Back kick BlackBelt Secrets

A Back Kick (also called Spinning Back Kick, Horse Kick, Donkey Kick, Mule Kick, or dwi chagi) is performed by kicking backward, behind you, like a horse. The striking surface is the bottom of the foot, ideally the heel.

Normally the Back Kick is performed by facing the target, pivoting away from the target, and then once you are facing away from the target, kicking linearly straight backward. Note that other name of the kick, Spinning Back Kick, as the martial artist may turn his/her body during the kick, may lead to misconception that the leg goes in a spinning motion.  

The torso should lean forward during the kick, to increase the height of the kick. During the kick, the kicking foot should pass close to the standing foot; in other words, don't move the kicking foot outward away from the line of the target and then back in again -- just go straight back.The head should be turned to the side so that you can see what you are kicking.

Back Kick

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