Sipjin BullBlock

A Bull Block in the form Sipjin

Also called Bull Horn Block or hwangso makgi, the Bull Block is somewhat similar to a High Block performed simultaneously with both hands. Both forearms are angled above the head to deflect downward blows to the side. Unlike a High Block, neither arm is in front of the center of the forehead.

To chamber, the two fists are held low in front of the abdomen, palms faciing the abdomen, elbows tucked in toward the body. As the two arms travel upward, they do not cross anywhere along the path. The fists pass in front of the face as they move upward. The hands should finish one-fist-width apart, one-fist-width away from the forehead, palms facing outward.

Bull block chamber

The Bull Block appears, for example, in the form Sipjin.

Bull Block

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