Cheese is the colloquial name given to a taekwondo form/dance (see: Taekwonmu) that was originally popularized by the K Tigers but is now commonly performed by some school Demo Teams, particularly schools that teach Kukkiwon/WTF-style taekwondo.

Examples Edit

The first YouTube video below illustrates an example of Cheese being performed by children at a small taekwondo school. In this video, Cheese is the first routine performed by the children, during the first 35 seconds of the video. The second video shows another small-school example Cheese, at 6:30 minutes into the video.

Cheese: 35 seconds into the video Cheese: 6:30 minutes into the video
Tae Kwon do Dance02:37

Tae Kwon do Dance

Majest Martial Arts Demo Team 2 Nov 1307:36

Majest Martial Arts Demo Team 2 Nov 13

Cheese is also performed professionally, as in the first K-Tigers video below from 2014.

Cheese (the first form in the video) by K-Tigers from 2014 Cheese: 2:25 minutes into the video, again by K-Tigers, from 2007
K-Tigers & Choi So-ri Performence03:00

K-Tigers & Choi So-ri Performence

TDK Dance by KTigers02:58

TDK Dance by KTigers

More Examples Edit

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