Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts Concentration Kicks in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts01:42

Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts Concentration Kicks in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

Sharpie Dart

Students practicing Side Kicks as concentration kicks. The instructor is using two additional teaching techniques as well: a Sharpie is held under the foot, so that if the student lowers the foot, their foot will be marked. (It's been said that candles were used instead of Sharpies in old-school dojangs!). Nerf darts have also been taped to the rear of the hip; if the hip is not turned over sufficiently, the dart will not point straight upward.

The term Concentration Kick refers to any kick that is performed slowly, to develop strength and muscle-memory. The term is mostly commonly used in Tang Soo Do, though the exercise is often used in taekwondo as well. Side Kicks and Back Hook Kicks are often practiced in the "concentration" style.

To perform a Concentration Kick, you normally find something to hold onto or lean against, such as a bar or wall. You usually keep the base leg in its correct position throughout the kick. For example, if you were doing Side Kicks in a concentration style, the base foot would be pointed toward the wall. Then the kicking leg should move slowly through the kicking motion, often pausing at full extension in order to build strength. Concentration Kicks are repeated in sets, as a form of exercise.

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