An ITF Diagonal Stance

In ITF Taekwon-do the Diagonal Stance (also called Oblique Stance or saseon seogi) is like a Horse Stance except that one foot is placed slightly forward. This is very useful for shifting into walking stance without relocating the foot. It is used for attacking or defending against the front or the rear:

  • Spread the legs to a distance of 1.5 shoulder widths between the big toes
  • The heel of the front foot is placed on the same line as the toes of the rear foot
  • Point the toes to the front.
  • Body weight even on both feet
  • Extend the knees outward, bending until the knee caps come over the ball of the foot
  • Infuse the strength into the inner thighs and tense inward scraping the ground or floor with the side soles
  • Push both the chest and abdomen out and pull the hip tensing the abdomen
  • Full facing or side facing, in attack or defence
  • When the right foot is advanced it is a right stance, and vice versa

In WTF Taekwondo, the Diagonal Stance (mo seogi) is like a Parallel Stance except the feet are turned diagonally outward from the body.


Related StancesEdit


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