Downward Elbow Strike Tutorial (Kwonkicker)08:36

Downward Elbow Strike Tutorial (Kwonkicker)

In this video, "Kwonkicker" Micah Brock advocates for a modified Downward Elbow Strike.

The term Downward Elbow Strike generally refers to an Elbow Strike where the elbow is brought downward to strike the opponent with the point of the elbow; usually the forearm is pointed skyward while the elbow is being brought down, the fist is closed. (This is in contrast to an elbow strike in which one strikes downward with the inside of the elbow while the forearm is held horizontally - this technique generally does not appear in taekwondo.)

The Downward Elbow Strike appears, for example, in the forms Juche and Ko-Dang.

Related Techniques Edit

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