See main article: Tips for Tournament Organizers.

Below is an illustrative example of a draft budget for a local tournament with 400 competitors. This is just an example.

  • Venue rental (local high school gym for one day): $2,000
  • Insurance: $4,000
  • Sanctioning fee: $2,000
  • Equipment rental (matts, scoring systems, etc.): $3,000
  • Computer rental and supplies: $1,000
  • Awards and trophies: $2,000
  • Office supplies and printing: $3,000
  • Advertising: $1,000
  • Tournament consumables (boards for breaking, etc.): $1,000
  • Professional security services, First Aid services, and professional cleanup services: $3,000
  • Hospitality costs: $1,000
  • Misc / other: $1,000

This tournament costs about $24,000 to put on. That's about $60 per competitor, which is a fairly typical competitor entrance fee. That means (in theory) your other sources of revenue could be at-cost:

  • School and coach entrance fees can be low. (Say, two free coaching passes per school. $20 for each additional coaching pass: you don't want these to be too inexpensive because you want to control the number of coaches on the floor.)
  • You could sell the tournament programs at-cost. Figure 400 competitors probably means 800 audience members. If you charge $10 per ticket for audience members, then some of that $10 could be used to print free programs. (Keep in mind that sponsors and other advertisers can also advertise in the program, providing additional revenue.)
  • You won't need to take too much of a cut from tournament vendors (hot dogs, tee-shirts).

This also assumes though that we're keeping a lot of the other tournament costs low: not flying in any distinguished guests or providing lodging for tournament officials, etc.

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