HANMOODO Luonnollinen Liike - Elokuva HD Finnish Subtitles15:35

HANMOODO Luonnollinen Liike - Elokuva HD Finnish Subtitles

Han Moo Do (not to be confused with Han Mu Do) is a Scandinavian hybrid martial art that combines taekwondo, hapkido, and hoi jeon moo sool. Han Moo Do was originally developed by Young Suk in 1989. In autumn 2003, Jori Pisilä and Aslak de Silva founded the first Han Moo Do Society in Norway. In 2004 the society expanded its operations to Sweden and Denmark.

Han Moo Do incorporates strikes, kicks and blocks, self defense, sparring, throws and grappling, tackles, and weapons training including nunchuck, baton and sword.

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