Grandmaster General Choi Hong Hi performing Parallel Stance with Heaven Hand.

Heaven Hand is a ready posture. It appears for example in the form Kwang-Gae. The hands begin up above the head, thumbs touching, and index fingers touching. The hands are then brought sharply outward and down.

From Black Belt Forums:

Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha has said this about the ready position for Kwang-Gae :
"The first movement of pattern Kwang Gae is described as 'pulling both hands rapidly to the side and bringing them slowly in front of the navel in a circular motion'.
Our Founder, General Choi Hong Hi explained the purpose of this movement and the method of performing it to me in this way: He explained that it was akin to someone being held captive in chains or handcuffs and breaking or snapping them. Therefore, one should perform the movement with impact in the first quarter, with the last three quarters performed in slow motion.
In terms of it's significance, as we know Kwang Gae tul is named after Kwang Gae Toh Wang, the 19th King of the Koguryo dynasty. His name translates as King, Broad Expander of Territory, and upon his death, the Koguryo dynasty controlled a huge expanse of land between the Amur and Han rivers. In those days, when preparing for battle, they did not have the modern day technology we have now. It was important to plan carefully before an attack and take into account such things as the future weather conditions. Heaven hand (Hanul son) symbolises Kwang Gae Toh Wang looking through the space in-between his hands which are made into a shape like a telescope, and thereby checking future conditions whilst making his plan before battle.
It reminds us that to win a battle one cannot simply rely on our skills or physical abilities - but also on strategy and tactics. Next time you spar - take the time to consider what you want to achieve. Formulate a 'game plan' so that you can outwit your opponent rather than simply reacting to a situation blindly. Always try to be one step ahead!"

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