Taekwondo Jump Spin Hook Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker)-009:11

Taekwondo Jump Spin Hook Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker)-0

A Jump Back Hook Kick (also called Jump Reverse Hook Kick or Jump Spin Hook Kick) is performed very similarly to a Back Hook Kick.

As with a Back Hook Kick;

  • Face the target
  • Pivot away from the target on the leading leg
  • Bend the body forward, away from the target
  • Your legs are going to have to bend a little in order to jump. It's not really possible to jump with straight legs (except barely, using just the ankles -- we want more of a jump than that)
  • Once you're facing away from the target, jump...
  • ...and at the same time straighten and lift the kicking leg to start its upward arc around toward the target

As with a conventional Hook Kick, the striking surface is normally the back of the heel.

Related TechniquesEdit

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