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A Jump Back Kick (or Jumping Back Kick) is a variation of a Back Kick in which one jumps into the air while performing the kick.

Usually the Jump Back Kick is performed with a 180 spin. In other words:

  • Face the target in your kicking stance. In this case, assume that you are right-legged so that your right-leg is to the rear when in kicking stance.
  • Begin rotating your head, arms, and torso to the right.
  • Meanwhile, crouch slightly with your knees. (You can't jump if you don't crouch.)
  • Jump into the air and kick straight backward, toward the target you were facing a moment ago, looking over your right shoulder as you kick.

Note that your rotation should stop completely when you kick. In other words, the kicking leg should thrust straight backward. It should not sweep around in an arc, as it might with a Back Hook Kick.

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