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Kicho Hyeong Sam Bu (also spelled Kicho Hyung Sam Bu) is the third of three, basic, 16-step, introductory form normally associated with Tang Soo Do but sometimes used as a beginner form in taekwondo schools. This form follows the same I-shaped pattern as Kicho Hyeong Il Bu. This form is very similar to the form Kibon Set, except:

  • Kibon Set sometimes repeats the first four steps at the end of the pattern, for a total of 20 steps.
  • Kibon Set usually blocks with the Outer Forearm (palm-down) rather than Inner Forearm (palm-up) at steps 2, 3, 9, and 11.

Video Edit

Kicho Hyung Sam Bu00:38

Kicho Hyung Sam Bu

Diagram Edit


Variation: Sae Kye Hyeong Sam Bu Edit

Kicho Hyung Sam Bu (Form 3)00:52

Kicho Hyung Sam Bu (Form 3)

This is the Sae Kye version of the form; note the Roundhouse kicks up-and-down the center of the I-shape.

The Sae Kye forms are basic variations of the Kicho Hyeong that simply incorporate more kicking, but are otherwise nearly identical. In the case of Hyeong Sam Bu:

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