The Kicking Stance is very similar to the Sparring Stance. In Kicking Stance the rear foot should be about one stride behind the front foot. Both feet may be turned somewhat, the rear foot usually moreso. The body is turned mostly sideways. The knees are slightly bent. Weight is evenly distributed on both feet. The idea is that from this general-purpose stance you have many options: you can kick quickly with either foot, turn quickly in either direction, slide forward or back quickly as needed.


Getting Into Kicking StanceEdit

As the name implies, Kicking Stance is usually used to practice kicking. When the instructor calls for you to get into Kicking Stance, first cross both wrists in front of you at about head height then move your feet into position while pulling the fists down to blocking position. If your right leg is dominant, then that will be the rear leg, and the right wrist will be inside the left wrist when crossing wrists. 

Related TechniquesEdit

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