Taekwondo 2D - Right Side Stance ( 오른 서기 oreun sogi )02:06

Taekwondo 2D - Right Side Stance ( 오른 서기 oreun sogi )

Right Stance from Taekwondo Preschool

The Left Stance and Right Stance (the same stance, just done in opposite directions, also called yeop seogi) are much like a Walking Stance. For the Left Stance for instance, from the Ready Stance the left foot is merely turned 90 degrees left. Likewise for the Right Stance.

  • This stance is sometimes called an L Stance because the feet are in an L shape. But note that the Back Stance is also sometimes called an L Stance, so this terminology is confusing when used outside a specific school.
  • This stance is also called a Side Stance.

Side Stance SideStance

Related StancesEdit


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