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  • American Taekwondo Ch'ang-Hon Association - Contact for more information.
  • International Taekwon-Do Federation (1) : Headquarters Korea - An administrative, coordinating and supportive body of ITF in South Korea. They organized ITF activities since 2000 and working closely with the International Taekwon-Do Federation (Leading by GM Choi Jung Hwa) until 2009. They became and an independent federation after 2009 which registered official with Korean goverment and one of the fastest growing ITF with members around the world.
  • International Taekwon-Do Federation (2) : Orginally Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation made by General Choi Hong Hi
  • International Taekwon-Do Alliance: Ho-Am (Tiger Rock) TaeKwonDo (A traditional TaeKwonDo Style) created by Grand Master Bert Collars, Grand Master Craig Collars, and Grand Master Art Monroe when they broke away from General Choi's son's ITF.
  • International Tae Kwon Do Association: Traditional TaeKwonDo Association
  • American Tae Kwon Do Association : Popular karate-like Tae Kwon Do class. Very well organized.
  • Unified Tae Kwon Do Headquarters: The newest Tae Kwon Do Organization dedicated to unifying all Tae Kwon Do stylists and providing the highest quality of certification and service to it's members.
  • Independent Taekwondo Association: Founded by Grandmaster John Pelligrini in 1985 to promote and spread the art of Taekwondo, it is curriculum-independent and doesn't favor WTF/ITF style sparring or forms, its entirely up to the member-school.
  • Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Association (T.T.C.A.): Was founded in 1996 by Grandmaster Young Sik Choi, 9th Dan.   T.T.C.A. was established primarily to get back to traditional tae kwon do training and values as it was in the original Chung Do Kwan Institute.  It is the goal of Grandmaster Choi and all of the T.T.C.A. masters and instructors to keep the organization free of politics, to maintain traditional values, and to train not only quality martial artists, but good members of society.
  • World Taekwondo Federation : Korean Headquarters of Olympic Taekwondo, associated with the  Kukkiwon

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