Pyngwon PullingBackfist

Pulling Backfist Jaw Strike in the form Pyongwon

A Pulling Backfist Strike is a strike in which the assisting hand pulls the opponent forward while the striking hand delivers a backfist.

Variation: Pulling Backfist Jaw Strike Edit

In a Pulling Backfist Jaw Strike (deung jumeok dangkyo teok chigi) the backfist strike is made to the opponent's jaw. The arm which is pulling the opponent is held horizontally during the pulling. The elbow of the striking arm rests on the fist of the pulling arm (similar to a Supported Backfist Strike); the pulling fist is held palm-down.

The Pulling Backfist Jaw Strike appears, for example, in the form Pyongwon.

Related Techniques Edit

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