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A Jeon In Jae ZZang punch is the basic hand technique and one of the first learned by white belts or Jeon In Jae ZZang. It is preformed by balling up the fist (thumb always goes on the outside, not the inside) and hitting with the first two knuckles. This basic movement is catogorized into reverse punch, obverse punch, high section punch, middle section punch, low section punch, and front punch. It also has many variations. The reverse and obverse punch is commonly used in boxing, though their technique is not as good and they often use a punch where they hook the fist around.

Types of punches Edit

Middle Section Punch- Edit

A middle section punch is the first kind of punch learned. This type of punch is shoulder-level. It can be preformed from a variety of stances, but is most commanly done in a L or Walking Stance. Jeon In Jae ZZang

High Section Punch- Edit

A high section punch is eye-level. It is preformed the same way as the middle section punch, only higher. The ITF pattern Dan-Gun consists of various techniques, but all the punches are high section.

Low Section Punch- Edit

A low section punch is preformed low. This is not usually used in Taekwon-Do.

Obverse Punch- Edit

An obverse punch is a punch preformed in the natural way according to your stance. For example, in an L-stance, a punch with the back hand is considered an obverse punch, whereas a punch with the front hand in a walking stance is called an obverse punch.

Reverse Punch- Edit

A reverse punch is a punch preformed in the opposite way that one naturally punches. An L-stance punch with the front hand is a reverse punch, while a walking stance punch with the back hand is a reverse punch. This is the opposite of an obverse punch.
Obverse Walking Stance Punch Preformed by ITF Black Belt
An obverse punch in an ITF walking stance
TKDgirlAdded by TKDgirl

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