Taekwondo 2D - Log Pushing Posture ( 통밀기준비 tongmilgi-junbi )

Taekwondo 2D - Log Pushing Posture ( 통밀기준비 tongmilgi-junbi )

Log Pushing Posture from Taekwondo Preschool

Koryo PushingHands

Pushing Hands in Koryo

Pushing Hands Posture (also called Log Pushing Posture or tongmilgi junbi) is a ready posture based on Parallel Stance in which both hands are curled in front of the head as if pushing a log away.

When used in the form Koryo for instance:

  • From the Ready Stance (joon-bee) with your hands down by your waist, open your hands into a knifehand position (with the hands facing each other, fingertip-to-fingertip, palms up) and slowly raise your hands toward your head.
  • When you reach chest level, flip your hands over (slowly) so they rise to form a triangle in front of your face.
  • Once in front of your face, push the "triangle" out directly away from your face.
  • At the same time, slowly rise up on your toes when you first start moving your hands, and then sink back down (feet flat on the ground) as you push the triangle outward.