What is a REDIRECT? It's a way to make two or more wiki pages point to the same content.


Some people call it an Upward Block and some people call it a High Block. Which should you call it on this wiki?
It doesn't matter. Call it High Block if you like. Then create a REDIRECT page so that Upward Block redirects to High Block.
How do you create a redirect page? For this example, it would work like this:
  1. Create a page called Upward Block. Edit that page.
  2. Go into the "Source" view of the editor (click on Source in the upper right-hand corner of the edit window)
  3. Add the text    #REDIRECT [[Upward Block]]
  4. Publish your change.
Now if somebody searches on Upward Block, the wiki takes them to High Block.

You can use this trick for naming taekwondo techniques, alternative spellings of form names, alternative ordering for people names, etc.

Everything in taekwondo seems to have at least 10 different names and 20 different spellings. Let's not argue about what to call something, or how to spell it. Just add all the names and spellings you like, and make liberal use of REDIRECTs so that all spellings and names link to the right content.

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