TKDPS RidgehandBlock

A Ridgehand Middle Block (as shown at Taekwondo Preschool)

Ridgehand Middle Block (also called Ridgehand Outward Block, or sonnal deung momtong makki) is a kind of Outward Block that is performed with a ridgehand. To chamber, the blocking arm and the off-arm are crossed in front of the chest, the blocking arm on top. The off-fist is pulled back, while the blocking ridgehand sweeps outward.

The Ridgehand Middle Block appears, for example, in the form Sipjin.

Ridge-Hand Outward ( 손날등 바깥막기 Sonnal deung bakkat makgi)01:19

Ridge-Hand Outward ( 손날등 바깥막기 Sonnal deung bakkat makgi)

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