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The wiki about all styles of Taekwondo that anyone can edit. See something on here that you disagree with? Here's how to fix it!

731 articles since July 2009. Right now this wiki gets about 200 views per day (not counting editor views). Please feel free to pitch-in and contribute new content!

Why this wiki? Edit

Unlike normal website, wiki-type websites (such as Wikipedia and Wikia) allow all enthusiasts to add information about a given topic -- any reader can add to a wiki. And while Wikipedia itself is an outstanding reference, it does not allow "how to" information to be hosted there. The purpose of this wiki then is to provide "how to" information that would not be allowed on Wikipedia. For more general information about taekwondo, this wiki usually links to Wikipedia articles rather than recreating the information here. (About the Logo)

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Search Terms:

  • taegeuk sa
  • pyongwon illustrations
  • kibon poomsae wtf
  • taebeck diagram
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  • majest kibon set
  • why do all color belt popmsaes start with tae geuk
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  • me.taekwondo
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