Singapore Taekwon-do Academy Singapore Taekwon-do Academy was founded on 19 November 1971 by Grandmaster BS Huan, Singapore's foremost Taekwon-do pioneer.

Grandmaster BS Huan spearheaded the popularity of Traditional Taekwon-do in 1960s by helping to invite the original Korean Taekwon-do Masters to Singapore.

In Singapore, the focus of Traditional Taekwon-do has been the Singapore Taekwon-do Academy since 1971, the largest and oldest governing organization in Singapore promoting Traditional Taekwon-do.

The Singapore Taekwon-do Academy provides courses, grading and certification recognized around the world as an established Traditional Taekwon-do organisation.

● Basic Taekwon-do courses for children ● Adults' Dedicated Taekwon-do classes ● Self-Defense courses for kids & adults  ● Instructor, Umpire & Advance courses ● Tournaments and Competitions ● Demonstrations and Community events ● Grading and Certification

Training centers are located throughout Singapore, at community centers, RC, schools, university, fitness gym, residential areas, etc.

Official Full Website:

Official Mobile Site:

Official Facebook:

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