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How to Do a Hop Step Roundhouse Kick Taekwondo Training-0

The Skip Roundhouse Kick (also called Fast Roundhouse Kick or Hop-Step Roundhouse Kick) is similar to the Roundhouse Kick. Normally in a Roundhouse Kick one kicks with the rear leg by pivoting on the front leg. This gives the rear leg a good opportunity to move through a long distance and build up momentum, to add power to the kick. Conversely, it also means that the kick will be a little slow. The alternative is to kick with the leading leg. This is the approach used in the Skip Roundhouse Kick. In addition, the Skip Roundhouse Kick attempts to close the distance between you and the opponent by skipping forward on the rear leg as you kick:

  • From a kicking stance, with one side of your body facing the opponent, chamber the front leg to kick, as with the Roundhouse Kick, so that the knee is aimed a the target and the leg is bent, ready to kick.
  • Simultaneously, push off with the rear leg to skip forward.
  • As the rear leg lands, kick with the leading leg.

This kick is very useful in sparring as it is fast and it closes the distance between you and your opponent very quickly.


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