Taekwondo Textbook

Taekwondo Textbook by the Kukkiwon

Book Title: Taekwondo Textbook

Authors: Kukkiwon; Kim Soon Bae lead editor

Taekwondo Style: WTF Taekwondo

ISBN: 978-8973367504


Summary Recommendation: Of course being published by the Kukkiwon this book is the standard reference for WTF-style taekwondo. Unfortunately, the English language translation is very poor. The illustrations however are excellent, and the book is very complete. Recommended alternative: Lee & Kim's Complete Taekwondo Poomsae or Lee & Ricke's Official Taekwondo Training Manual.

An example of the English-language translation used in this book:

TKDTexbook Translation

Description Edit

From Amazon: None

A comparison of Taegeuk Il Jang in some common reference books
Complete Taekwondo Poomsae, a classic reference used to develop the diagrams on this wiki Official Taekwondo Training Manual, Kukkiwon-endorsed Tae Kwon Do: The Ultimate Reference, WTF-endorsed, with full-color photos
TKDb2 T1
Taekwondo - The State of the Art The Book of Teaching & Learning Taekwondo, another WTF-sponsored reference Kukkiwon's Taekwondo Textbook, an excellent reference in Korean, but virtually unreadable in English
TKDTextbook T1

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