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The Foot Fist Way is a 2006 comedy film starring Danny McBride as the owner and head instructor at a fictional "McDojo-style" taekwondo school in Concorde, NC. The film was shot on a very low budget in just 19 days.

Danny McBride plays Fred Simmons, a somewhat competent fourth-degree Black Belt in (what appears to be) ITF-style taekwondo who takes himself way too seriously. Simmons' wife in the film cheats on him twice: first with her boss, and then (after Simmons has forgiven her), a second time with Simmon's idol, a taekwondo movie-star named Chuck "The Truck" Wallace. Simmons' confidence is initially lost but then by the end of the film his confidence is restored.

Though the film is in many ways vulgar (it is not suitable for children) in some ways it also seems to be an homage to taekwondo. The main actors in the film are not real taekwondo practioners but many of the students in the film are, and their taekwondo skills are portrayed positively; for example, there are cut-scenes that show slow-motion shots of the students performing some very nice taekwondo kicks. The film is populated with a number of inside-jokes about taekwondo. For example, early in the film Simmons admonishes his students to "watch their forms" -- "This isn't a street fight, this is taekwondo!" -- a clear (and clever) allusion to the common critique of taekwondo as not being a real "street" martial art.

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The Foot Fist Way - Trailer

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