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Tiger Stance Tutorial (Fighting Stance) Taekwondo for MMA & Kickboxing01:42

Tiger Stance Tutorial (Fighting Stance) Taekwondo for MMA & Kickboxing


An ITF Rear Foot Stance

The following stance is called a Tiger Stance in WTF-style taekwondo and is called Rear Foot Stance in ITF-style taekwondo.

In the Tiger Stance (also called Cat Stance, or beom seogi):

  • The front foot is pointed forward; just the balls of the foot are on the ground, the heel is lifted four to five inches. Very little weight is on the front foot.
  • The rear foot is flat on the floor. The rear foot is pointed 30 degrees outward. Essentially all of your body weight is on your rear leg.

Both knees are bent. In the ITF version of this stance, the front foot is more forward, about one shoulder width.

Tiger Stance TigerStance

Naming the StanceEdit

If the left foot is forward, this is called a Left Tiger Stance. Conversely if the right foot is forward, this is called a Right Tiger Stance.


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