This is an example schedule for planning, organizing, and running a martial arts tournament. See main article: Tips for Tournament Organizers.

Preliminary planning: 4-6 months before the tournamentEdit

  • Establish your tournament committee, and begin regular committee meetings. 
  • Contact local martial arts schools to make sure nobody else is planning a tournament in the same timeframe, and to gauge local interest.
  • Reserve your venue.
  • Obtain necessary permits.
  • If your tournament is going to be sanctioned by a taekwondo federation or association, follow the federation's tournament sanctioning process.
  • Prepare a budget, plan, and schedule.
  • Identify referrees and officials.
  • Design and print the tournament poster and flyers.
  • Establish your tournament website.
  • Order trophies and awards.
  • Identify sponsors.

Detailed planning: 2-3 months beforeEdit

  • Print and distribute formal invitations and registration packets (tournament details, registration forms, etc.) to local martial arts schools.
  • Establish database for keeping track of athletes, schools, etc. (Excel will work, or a Google Document if you want to share it more easily with your committe members.)
  • Begin widespread publicity for the event.
  • Coordinate the First Aid plan for the event.
  • Reserve all the equipment you'll need to rent or borrow.
  • Establish who the tournament vendors will be (hotdogs, tee-shirts, etc.)

Charyot: 1 month beforeEdit

  • Begin collecting registration forms from attendees and populating the athlete database.
  • Establish the final tournament schedule.
  • Line up our volunteers and tournament stuff: the more the better.
  • Consider developing a tournament program. 
  • Meet with your Tournament Committee to ensure all their duties and responsibilities are on schedule.

Junbi: 1 week beforeEdit

  • Obtain all the awards, trophies, etc.
  • Complete the tournament program and have it printed.
  • Huddle with the officials, referrees, and staffers/volunters to go over rules and plans.
  • Ensure the referees are aware of any tournament rule modifications to be used at the tournament.  It’s best to provide this in writing to the Referee Assignor and have copies for the teams and on site at the tournament.

Sheejak: the day of the eventEdit

  • Condut your earl-morning huddle with officials, referrees, staffers and volunteers.
  • Run the tournament
  • Cleanup

Baro: after the tournamentEdit

  • Finalize all the accounting and financials.
  • Send thank-yous to sponsors, vendors, officials, staffers, volunteers, honored guests, participating schools, etc.
  • Complete all payments of expenses such as referees, awards, gym rental and other administrative costs.
  • Send thank you letters to those who were instrumental in helping with the event (teams, volunteers, sponsors, referees, etc).
  • Document lessons-learned

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