This wiki page pertains to Tournament Scoring Software. See the article Tournament Management Software for a list of tournament management applications. Note that some Tournament Management systems also handle Tournament Scoring.

Sparring ScoringEdit

Kazo VisionEdit

Kazo Vision Taekwondo Scoring...


Taekwondo-Score is a simple Windows or Linux application that uses input devices such as game controllers for scoring. Its virtue is that it's very simple and inexpensive.

Taekwondo Scoring Wi-FiEdit

Taekwondo Scoring Wi-Fi is not intended to be a full tournament-quality application. It was written to support scoring in taekwondo classes. As such, the focus of the system is on quick setup and low cost.

TKD Scorer BasicEdit

Like Scoring Wi-Fi, Scorer Basic is intended for in-class use, rather than tournament use.



Poomsae ScoringEdit


  • TBD

BudoScore Poomsae ScoringEdit

  • TBD


  • TBD

See AlsoEdit

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