Traditional Taekwon-Do International (TTI) is a Christian-oriented association for Oh Do Kwan-style (Chang Hon) Taekwon-Do founded in January 2015 by Michael L. Hadsall. From their website:

The TTI is a non political, not-for-profit, Korean Martial Arts organization, that has a strong Christian martial arts history and organizational ethic. Many Schools, Institutes and Dojangs are Christian Martial Arts Affiliates. We are not exclusive in this regard, as we also have Affiliates that are not Christian centered in their teaching. We do not discriminate in this in this area.

TTI™ is headquartered in Venice, Florida, USA. Its Founder, President, and Chief Grand Master Instructor is 9th Dan Grand Master Michael L Hadsall. This organization is a legal Corporation with article of incorporation on file with the Florida State Attorney Generals office as Tax Exempt. IRS Has designated the corporation as 501(C)3 compliant. The corporate email is

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