A Turning Side Kick (also called momdollyo yopchagi) is a Side Kick that is performed after pivoting backward. It's similar to a Spinning Back Kick.

In both cases, you first turn backward by lifting the rear leg, then as your rear leg comes around to kicking position for the target, you kick. Your rotation should end when your kick. In other words, this is not like a Tornado Kick where you continue to rotate even after the kick.

  • Face your target in Kicking Stance. You will be kicking at in front of you, using your rear leg.
  • You will be pivoting on the front leg. Bring the back knee up and rotate the rear leg backward to rotate 180.
  • End the rotation as your leg comes into position to kick the target. You should be looking over your shoulder at the target.
  • Immediately perform a Side Kick.

All of the above is done as one swift movement. A Turning Side Kick appears in the form Pyongwon, for example.

Related TechniquesEdit

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